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Sanskrit Resources

Sanskrit Rresources section is the one where we have tried to bring together all existing Sanskrit initiatives and resources. Only the well known and famous entities are in the list.

Here you will find a list of book publishers who specialise in Sanskrit book publication. Most of the famous works like Ramayana, Mahabharata, Sanskrit grammar, and research related books can be found from these publishers.

We also have a list of different organisations and initiatives taken by them to promote Sanskrit. Only genuine initiatives have been listed in this section.

A common problem we all face is in making use of a modern day computer which is English based, for Sanskrit use. For this we need special softwares and tools. A list of different softwares available for such purpose is in the list. Most of them are well known and well used. The Sanskrit part of this website has been developed with using one such free software Aksharamala.

One part of this section lists many Sanskrit websites, which are a good reference point.